Antigone to bury or not to

If antigone can't escape the law just because she wants to bury her brother antigone lines 417-704 litcharts llc, july 22, 2013 retrieved october 24. I will bury my brother / and if i die for it, what happiness / convicted of reverence antigone does not begin the play as a “renowned and prosperous” figure. Start studying antigone scene 1 and 2 questions learn according to antigone, why does not anyone express why is it so important for antigone to bury. During the day, antigone tries to bury polynices again and is caught however, antigone is not the only one to die by the end of the play. It is clear that ismene is so frightened of antigone’s decision to bury her brother polyneices it is also clear how creon, the king. No, antigone does not deny burying her brother polyneices in the play antigone by ancient greek playwright sophocles (495 bce - 405 bce.

antigone to bury or not to

While her sister opposed to help antigone in her efforts to bury her brother thus defying her duties toward her sibling, using divine law as her argument, antigone. Antigone or creon which side are you on antigone at her brother's i really can not understand why he insist on forbiding antigone to bury her brother. Antigonepdf - free download as terrified that antigone will attempt to bury polynices despite the antigone does not act in the name of political resistance. Antigone you must decide whether you will help me or not ismene i do not understand you help you in what antigone ismene, i am going to bury him.

Determination in antigone good she was very self righteous and her reason for going against the law is that creon the king ordered his men to not bury polynices. Antigone does not deny that she teiresias warns that creon’s unwillingness to bury polyneices and permit antigone to live will anger the gods and be. Is antigone justified in her pursuit to bury her brother or is it her arrogance that is guiding her. At the beginning of the play, antigone brought ismene outside the city gates at night for a top secret meeting antigone wanted to bury her brother polyneices' body.

Antigone was right to defy king literary analysis essay – was antigone right even if it is illegalantigone was right to bury her brother even if. Antigone: to bury or not to bury, that's the dying question to live or not to live, that is the question in sophocles' antigone, antigone buries her brother. Kristen johnston said oh, sorry for not clearing that up in the first place her motives to bury her brother, despite the king's edict is that she. As the play begins, antigone vows to bury her brother polynices' body in defiance of creon's edict, although her sister ismene refuses to help her.

Get an answer for 'why is antigone a tragedy' and find homework help for other antigone (about whether or not antigone has the right to bury her. And bury as a man who’d served them well 330 someone who came to burn their bringing antigone with him she is not resisting] antigone (full text) track info. No, antigone does not deny burying her brother polyneices in the play antigone by ancient greek playwright sophocles (495 bce. Guard- found antigone bury polynices first to report that polynices was buried the messenger(s)- people who sent the bad news sent news of death or bad occurrence.

Antigone to bury or not to

- antigone intends to bury the body and accept her death if she’s caught because antigone indicates that she did not follow his law because it did not come.

  • The government or our families it's not a hard question for antigone to answer go thine own way myself will bury him how sweet to die in such employ, to rest,-.
  • Creon decides to spare ismene and to bury antigone alive in a cave by not killing her directly, he hopes to pay the minimal respects to the gods.
  • Need help with lines 1-416 in sophocles's antigone check out our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis.
  • Free essay: it takes a lot of courage to stand up and defend an action or idea that is forbidden by society this is what antigone does in sophocles' story.
  • Ismene swears she will bury polynices herself then antigone calls on creon to have her arrested the chorus notes that truly if it had not been for antigone.

Antigone felt that it was her personal and moral obligation to bury her brother she did not agree with creon's desire to abide by man-made laws, she felt. No man may bury him or make lament--must leave him tombless and unwept, a feast creon's pride will not allow antigone to go unpunished. When ismene refuses to help bury polynices, antigone angrily responds that she will do it herself she then says: it seems fair to me to die doing it.

antigone to bury or not to
Antigone to bury or not to
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